Attack Womb (jeterfan) wrote in enforcers,
Attack Womb

Official Opening Of The Enforcer Hockey Community (EHC)

Welcome to EHC. I opened this community with the intentions of bringing together hockey fans and/or players for the sharing of tips, and mostly to shit talk all the people in the NHL who piss you off. So, feel free to cuss your hearts out. I'll start by giving you a little background info about this board.

-As of now, there are no set rules, however if a situation arises where something gets out of hand, rules may be created to forget such a thing from happening again.

Yeah, okay now for me.

I'm a 15 year old girl who plays, lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps hockey, I get up at 5:30AM every Saturday to go play pickup at my local rink, and I also play in a league and on my high school team (all teams are boy teams). After playing about 10 games this season I have 1G 9A for a total of 10PTS. I'm currently the only moderator, and the maintainer for this community. My e-mail is listed in the Community Info section, and you can e-mail me at any time. My AIM screename is also listed in the Community Info section. I'm usually online unless I don't feel like talking so feel free to message, even if you just wanna talk.

That's about it for now, as soon as I get the chance, I'll get the plans for the playoff pool down and let you all know sometime next month...maybe.

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