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Enforcers Hockey's Journal

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6th December 2004

filthymonkey11:29am: Hockey Lockout Shirt
New Hockey Lockout Shirt. Pretty cool!

All I want for Christmas is Hockey - Lockout 2k4

Shirt Link

All I want for Christmas is Hockey - Lockout 2k4


Sorry about the x-posting...

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7th August 2004

libramd4:07am: Just put up for auction:

New York Rangers License Plate


New York Rangers Brian Leetch Figure/card Unopened


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8th March 2004

mariaspeaches11:49am: Tix for Sale!!
Anyone looking to go to the Sharks game on Tuesday and Thursday? If so e-mail me or call...I'm selling them for $20 each. I have two tickets for each event. Tuesday is in section 221, Thursday's event will be section 225. Let me know!!!

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17th February 2004

kayakpride7113:36pm: Hey, I'm new here, haven't been able to find a good hockey community. I've been playing on a team since I was 7 until I was 15. I started off as a right winger, but my second season I got put in d, and that's where I stayed. A goonish, position oriented defender :-) This past season my mum and the leauge decided I should no longer play and instead join a girls' leauge (it would have been my first season as a Midget). Not to sound like one of those 'I'm Lyke SOOO HxC playing With Guyz' type of chicks, but I despise chick hockey. I've been invited to play for the Colorado Select U 19 team but I declined. I played in a 4 state select girl's festival tournament deal a couple years back in Vail and despised it. I spent most of the time in the penalty box for light, clean checks, making one girl (who was supposivley nationally ranked) cry. So because of my spite I'm not playing this year, which is frusterating. My little brothers still play and the oldest of which is a wuss, but he's still allowed. So I'm stuck in limbo as far as hockey... Thought I'd say hello.


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28th January 2004

libramd3:53am: Hey everyone, unfortunatly I'm in a money fix and I am parting with 2 New York Ranger Hockey Pucks (Gretzky&Messier) and a set of NYR beer glasses a coasters. If you are interested please take a look. Thanks so much. :)

(they are at the bottom of the list)


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24th November 2003

valera11:36am: buying hockey skates
Where is a good place to buy good hockey skates? What are some rules to follow regarding size and comfort? What are the good brands, what are the prices?
What kind of (thickness, etc.) socks should be worn?

Any other advice about ice skating?
I skate pretty well, know how to do a few tricks, but professional advice is always good :)

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21st June 2003

oshihiro4:30pm: R.I.P. Roger Neilson: 1934-2003
Current Mood: sad

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26th May 2003

filthymonkey9:30am: Bid on your own hockey team.

If you can't afford it, show it to your company :o)

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7th May 2003

filthymonkey10:42pm: funny
thought this was kind of humorous. I'm gonna donate some and vote for FAT BASTARDS. See 'em put that on their jersey! www.sponsorourhockeyteam.com

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22nd April 2003

oshihiro2:55pm: Hey guys!

I just stumbled across this community - I like its attitude, so I thought I'd join up. : ) I'm 19/m from Victoria, which is near Vancouver up in Canada. I've never played in a league, but I always loved playing hockey at the community rink near my house back in Calgary. I'm a huge Flames, Nucks, and Leafs fan (In that order : ). I've been thinking about joining a rec league next season...I've always wanted to try playing goal. Giguere has REALLY impressed me recently, and I look forward to watching him develop more in the coming years. My favourite players are Gary Roberts and Dan Cloutier. I really respect Roberts and I love Cloutier's spirit. Hope you guys are able to watch the three Game 7s tonight, they're going to rock! Go Leafs! Go Nucks!

TTYL Guys!

Current Mood: excited

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29th March 2003

jessanne11:36pm: what happened to mike richter? is he still around, or did he retire? he's one of my favorite goalies and he seems to have just vanished.
Current Mood: curious

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27th March 2003

jessanne13:02pm: a little about me
Hey I've been a member of this community for a while but haven't gotten around to posting. I'm a 17/f from MA, and I love hockey. Ive played since I was 6 and have been a goalie since I was 9. Hopefully I'll be playing for a college next season(if I can get in). ANYWAYS my favorite team is the Bruins, Ill probably post about them a lot. I guess thats all, and if you want to add me as a friend I'll add ya back. Peace.
Current Mood: bored

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5th March 2003

ex_erebos2448:33am: Bruise Brothers

Domi took about a half-dozen swings at the bewildered Swede...

And that sums up last night's game beautifully...

While it would of been better had they won; last night's game had to be some of the most entertaining hockey I've seen in awhile.


"The kid (Neil) spit on him (Tucker)," Leafs general manager/coach Pat Quinn said. "How do you like that in our game?"

Never happened, Neil claimed.

"I am not that kind of player," Neil said. "I would not spit on a guy. He came after me. I don't know what it is with Tucker, (Shayne) Corson and (Travis) Green. You hit any one of them, you have to take on all three."


On the topic of Enforcers: The Bruise Brothers and their latest addition Travis Green are a force to be reckoned with. They play a good physical game and get right in the face of the opposing team.
Current Mood: awake

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27th February 2003

jeterfan11:07pm: March Madness
Would you guys be interested in doing a march madness pool? It would be a simple round by round "pick the winner" type pool, person with the best record at the end would be declared the winner. There may or may not be a prize, something like an animated user pic or something... a custom background.



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24th February 2003

jeterfan8:47pm: Playoff Pool Plan
Say that 10 times fast... okay enough with the corny jokes, here's the deal:

We're gonna do a bracket pool... I will post a template for the brackets, and then you'll all fill them out and post. Of course this won't be for a while. But when it happens this is how it will work:

We're going to do it round by round so that if you screw up in the first round, it won't completely screw you over. However, predictions of who will be in the final will be made BEFORE the conference finals.

1 win for choosing the correct winner of the series
1 loss for choosing the incorrect winner of the series
2 wins for choosing the correct winner and the # of games won by each side

For the final we're gonna do it game by game
(so if you pick the wrong teams to end up in the final, it's ok because you can still get points)

1 win for choosing the winning team
1 loss for choosing the losing team
2 wins for choosing the winning team and predicting the correct score

At the end the person with the best record will be declared the winner.


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22nd February 2003

jeterfan5:16pm: Official Opening Of The Enforcer Hockey Community (EHC)
Welcome to EHC. I opened this community with the intentions of bringing together hockey fans and/or players for the sharing of tips, and mostly to shit talk all the people in the NHL who piss you off. So, feel free to cuss your hearts out. I'll start by giving you a little background info about this board.

-As of now, there are no set rules, however if a situation arises where something gets out of hand, rules may be created to forget such a thing from happening again.

Yeah, okay now for me.

I'm a 15 year old girl who plays, lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps hockey, I get up at 5:30AM every Saturday to go play pickup at my local rink, and I also play in a league and on my high school team (all teams are boy teams). After playing about 10 games this season I have 1G 9A for a total of 10PTS. I'm currently the only moderator, and the maintainer for this community. My e-mail is listed in the Community Info section, and you can e-mail me at any time. My AIM screename is also listed in the Community Info section. I'm usually online unless I don't feel like talking so feel free to message, even if you just wanna talk.

That's about it for now, as soon as I get the chance, I'll get the plans for the playoff pool down and let you all know sometime next month...maybe.


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